Groups visits

Exhibition L’Îlot des Palais: Revelations

Discover L’îlot des Palais, a major historical and archaeological site of the Capital. Visit its vaulted cellars from the 18th century a quite new immersive exhibition. Through techno-culture (ground mapping, projections, 3D…), transport to the hectic life of this place, from the Jean Talon Brewery to the Palaces of the Intendant, from the prisons and Stores of King to the Boswell brewery …

Duration: 1h
Price: 8 $ / person, taxes included

GeoRally On the Beer Trail

Discover the brewing history of Quebec from the 17th Century to nowadays. With a GPS, walk in Old Quebec to find the places of beer fabrication, drink and trade.

An activity designed for adults!
Duration: 2h
Price: 12 $

GeoRally Castles, Palaces and prisons...

Take part in a GeoRally about the military and defensive aspects of the Old Town. From the Intendant’s Palace to the Governor’s Castle, passing by the Royal Battery, discover history on a new angle. This unique activity will allow you to make strong links between episodes of our political and military history. 

Duration: 2h

Price: 12 $ / person, taxes included

GeoRally Vieux-Québec, UNESCO World Heritage Site – 30 years worth celebrating!

This activity was conceived for the 30th anniversary of Québec City’s inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It was inspired by geocaching. Find 15 real or virtual caches linked to the Vieux-Québec’s history. Whether you do it alone, with friends or family, you can live this adventure: with your own or our GPS.

Duration: 2h/2h30
Price: 12 $ / person, taxes included

Riddle at the Palais

This riddle numeric tour is totally new and you can only find it here at the Ilot des Palais.  It is an interactive game on the tablet which allows you to discover the perimeter of the Intendant’s enclosure and Quebec City’s downtown sector: palaces, brewery, shipyard, etc. The participants become investigators on the field, the tablet is their precious tool on their way to resolving the riddle with the help of archives documents, town buildings, artifacts and vestiges.

Duration: 1h30
Price: 12 $ / person, taxes included

Virtual Excavations

Complete your experience of the vaults with the technologies of geolocation and tablets in our virtual archeological excavations. Through this activity, you will discover artifacts and ecofacts on the screen of your tablet exactly where the archaeologists found them. It is a virtual and archeological scan of the fields using 21st century technologies.

Duration: 45 min
Price: 5 $ / person, taxes included