Children’s birthdays

For your birthday party, find yourself in the XVIIIe century!

Meet Jean Talon himself for the time of a party and choose an activity that will please your child and his friends.

 Exhibitions : Revelations, Here we brewed beer and the Intendant’s rallye

place of residence of the intendant in New France, place of economic, social and judicial power…a visit at the museum is a must to seize our history. Your children will be transported to the hectic life of this place.

 GeoRally with GPS in the old Quebec

Part of a team, with the help of a GPS and a roadmap, your child will find different caches in the Old Quebec. From the intendant’s Palace to the Governor’s Castle or going trhough the Place-Royale, they will discover the history in a unique way.

Virtual activities on tablets

Take part in a Virtual Excavation (45 min.) and learn about the artifacts found on the soil you’re walking on…or participate to the game Riddle at the Palace (1h30). Answer the riddles and accumulate points and you might be able to find Marcel, the lost archeologist…

 Activity touch history and archeology

An initiation to the work of the archeologist : Exploration of collections, artifacts handling, cataloging and drawing of ancient plates from the New France era.

 The Souvereign Council : a role play

Jeant Talon preside the council in which your children will embody the governor, the bishop, the procurator…The video of case from 1721 put your children inside of the New France’s justice. Which sentence to give? It’s time to debate!

 Science in the palace

From the fabrication of potash to the Contemporary archeology…Children will observe and learn about the work of scientist. The activity is followed by the rally of sciences in the vaults, with artifacts handling.

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For any questions or reservation :

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