In 1919, during a referendum, Quebec rejected prohibition. The following year, while our neighbours of the south and the rest of Canada were hit by the ban on the production, sale and consumption of alcohol, drinking establishments and breweries proliferated here. Beer, cider and wine flow freely in bars, taverns and clubs. This backdrop generates a nightlife that is the envy of partygoers in the rest of America. This exhibition is a tribute to people who have worked in the atypical environment of bars since the days of prohibition.


“ The original idea of ​​a tribute in the form of an edition appeared to me on a cold evening in December 2016, at the Fou Bar, in Quebec. I watched Liliane (Lili), the owner, bustle between the tables and the small space, lulled by jazz tunes. It was a click! Why not testify to the place that these establishments and these people live in the history of neighbourhoods and the hearts of generations? I absolutely wanted to pay tribute to the tenants, and craftsmen of these festive, colourful atmospheres, of the world of bars and nightlife. My idea was not only aimed at people in the industry and their dedication, but also at a bygone era. Every profession has its own set of irritants. I wanted to emphasize in particular the human aspect found in these places and through these vocations. If it is not the profession that we specifically choose, it is the profession that ends up choosing us, they say!

Alain Cliche and Lucie Couillard collaborated closely on the design of this immersive exhibition related to my theme.”

- Sabrine Grandlienard




Sound is at the center of this immersive space, — the alternation of music and soundtracks brings taverns, performance halls, discotheques, mythical clubs, terraces, pubs and neighbourhood bars to life. Carefully selected archival footage completes the ambience. The proposed immersive experience is integrated into virtual interfaces (projections, sound and visual effects) bar 3 which makes it possible to present a significant load of heritage and historical content. This 15-minute sound and visual show will be presented in French and, on request, in English.

A mosaic of characters in the form of portraits of people in the trade: bartenders, DJs, musicians, night owls, waitresses, doormen and owners play a key role in organizing the best parties. They are the ones who give a soul to the lively places of Quebec. Their atypical profession comes with its share of anecdotes and particularities. In the form of testimonies collected by an ethnological investigation, each reveals the secrets of his strange life by means of interactive technological screens.

In addition to our immersive exhibition, you will find by clicking here various biographies of the mosaic of the characters in the portraits and of the participants in Ms. Grandliénard's project, a tasty tour of the bars that have disappeared from the city in the form of an interview with a witness of this time and other surprising information! *

*An informative brochure will be available for consultation at the Îlot des Palais.


Our second phone tour "Nightlife in Quebec City" has been deployed since July 2022. It will allow you to explore the Saint-Roch district and Old Quebec to learn about a multitude of atypical places and bars of the city that has disappeared or is still present... Stories, anecdotes and tastings will be on the agenda! For more information, click here!



- Foodies

- The nostalgic

- The 80s generation

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Signature drink: $2+tx

Coaster: $1+tx

Archaeological book of the Îlot des Palais site: $34.95+tx



When: From May 11, 2022 until an undetermined date

Where: At the Îlot des Palais (8, rue Vallière, Québec, QC, G1K 3M7)

Rates: Adult: $8.00

Child (0-12 years old): Free

Student (13-17 years old)*: $5.00

Student (18-30 years old)*: $7.00

Senior (65)*: $7.00

*Reservation for groups of more than 15 people (Can be combined with a Team building outing!)



Project management: Marie-Dominic Labelle, Director of the Îlot des Palais and of the Urban Heritage Society of Quebec

Project management: Lucie Couillard, Director of the Heritage Foundation Le Château Frontenac

Original idea: Sabrine Grandliénard

Design: Alain Cliche and Lucie Couillard

Documentary research: Alain Cliche, Sabrine Grandliénard and Iannick Francoeur

Research and testimonials: Sabrine Grandliénard

Visual documentation: Lucie Couillard, Îlot des Palais, Urban Heritage Society of Quebec, Le Château Frontenac Heritage Foundation, Sabrine Grandliénard, Patrick Altman, BAnQ and City of Quebec

Screenplay: Alain Cliche

Historical revision: Iannick Francoeur

Technical support: Marc-Antoine Lettre

Sound design: Eric Pfalzgraf

Francophone voice: Raymond Cloutier

English voice: Paul Burroughs

Translation: Alison McGain

Mixing: Eric Pfalzgraf

Revision: Alain Cliche

Design and editing: Gilles Carré

Graphics: Sabrine Grandliénard, Sophie Lafortune, Corsaire Design, Brad Laplante

Visual design: Novom Interactive And technological integration

The immersive exhibition 100 YEARS OF NIGHTLIFE IN QUEBEC CITY: STORIES OF BARS is a production of the Urban Heritage Society of Quebec produced in partnership with the Fondation Héritage Le Château Frontenac thanks to the financial support of the Cultural Development Agreement between the du Québec and the City of Québec, Novom Interactive and the SDC du Vieux-Québec.

The Quebec City Tourism Office is a partner of the event 100 YEARS OF NIGHTLIFE IN QUEBEC CITY: STORIES OF BARS.