Artéfact Urbain

From July 3 to October 31, 2017, local citizens and tourists will learn more about the finds that have been discovered under their feet thanks to an archaeology tour for everyone.

5 glass cases will be displayed in front of the Morrin Center, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Monastère des Augustines and l’îlot des Palais. The aim is to highlight the value of the artifacts found on multiple sites of the Capitale-Nationale, both in a dynamic and innovative manner.

Archaeology and digital technology meet in order to counter the problem of artifact preservation. Each glass case contains original objects while other artifacts, too fragile to be displayed outside, were digitalized and 3D printed. The glass cases serve as genuine windows on the collections of each historical site and therefore give a foretaste of these places we encourage you to visit.

Mark your calendar

  • July 3, 5PM | inauguration of the tour and guided visit | Starting from l’îlot des Palais
  • July 14, 4 :30 PM | 3D printing show on the SPOT stage
  • August, each Saturday, guided tour as part of the Archaeology Month | Starting from l’îlot des Palais
  • August 24, 8PM within the vaulted cellars of l’îlot des Palais | Musical popularization show from Nicolas Jobin, about the History of New-France
  • September 8, 4PM | guided visit of the tour as part of « Vendredis archéo » (Archaeology Fridays)
  • September 30, 9PM | night tour as part of the Journées de la Culture
  • October 31, 8PM | night visit and end of the exhibition| Starting from l’îlot des Palais

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