Permanent exhibition



L’îlot des Palais, major historic and archaeological site of the Capital, has opened its doors again to the general public on July 3rd 2014. It will present in its vaulted cellars from the 18th century a quite new immersive exhibition. Through techno-culture (ground mapping, projections, 3D…), families, tourists, both young and old people will be transported in the hectic life of this place, the Jean Talon Brewery, to the Palaces of the Intendant, the prisons and Stores of King in the Boswell brewery …

Since 1982, 65 archaeological excavation worksites and more than 500 000 artefacts have made possible the promotion of this place of residence of the New France Intendant, place of the economic, social, judicial power… a visit at The Îlot des Palais is imperative to seize our history from the 14th century to nowadays. Surprising discoveries await you there! Among others, 4 Egyptian amulets found in one stratum of 1710 or still the bones of Samy, small poodle of the 18th century found in the latrines of the second Palace.

Duration: 45 minutes