Archaeology Interviews

You will find below the extracts of the sound terminals in the exhibition ''Revelations''. Archaeologists, historians and ethnologists tell the story of the Îlot des Palais site under different themes.

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The City and Archaeology - William Moss (Archaeologist)

 The Second and Third Palace Architecture - Rosalie Mercier-Méthé (Historian)

The Power at L'îlot - Paul-Gaston L'Anglais (Archaeologist)

The Colony's Economy - Réginald Auger (Archaeologist)

Boswell-Dow Brewery - Nicole Dorion (Ethonologist)

The Egyptian Amulets - Samuel Dupras (Egyptologist)

Hosting at The Palace - Yvons Desloges (Historian)

Transversal Approach in Archaeology - Marcel Moussette (Archaeologist)